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Governor Kefas States the Vacant Stool Has Been a Source of Division in Takum for Nearly Three Decades

Former Defence Minister, Theophilus Danjuma, asserted that the Kuteb ethnic group does not hold exclusive ownership of the traditional kingship stool in Takum, located in Taraba state's Takum Local Government Area.

Retired Nigerian Army General Danjuma made this statement on Saturday during the installation ceremony of Sofiya Gboshi as the new Chief of Takum, held in Takum.

The Kuteb people have opposed Mr. Gboshi's appointment by Governor Agbu Kefas, arguing that as a member of the Chamba ethnic group, he should not occupy the first-class traditional stool.

The Kuteb claim exclusive rights to the stool and have taken their case to the state high court in Jalingo. However, the court dismissed the case due to a lack of merit.

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Danjuma accused the Kuteb of rewriting Takum's history to claim the royal stool, asserting that they were not originally part of the royal family.

“Those protesting the new chief's appointment were not born in Takum and claim exclusive ownership of the town,” the former army chief stated.

Danjuma reminisced that during his youth, the Kuteps were known as “people of the hills.”

He praised Governor Kefas for achieving what previous governors had not been able to do for over 27 years, saying, “I want to congratulate and salute Governor Kefas for breaking the jinx; we sincerely thank him.”

Governor Kefas, addressing the ceremony, acknowledged that the vacant throne of Takum had been a symbol of division for nearly thirty years and emphasized the need for reconciliation, unity, and progress.

“Today, we bring peace and unity to Takum. As the chief of Takum, you must rule with integrity and respect for all,” the governor advised the new traditional ruler.

Former Plateau Governor Jonah Jang, also present, called on governors to pursue a constitutional amendment to establish state police forces, citing current security challenges.

The event was attended by various dignitaries, including Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki.

In his vote of thanks, the new chief, Gboshi, urged the people to move past their differences and work together to build Takum.