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Power Outage: Jalingo Residents Demand Connection To Kashinbilla Hydro-Power Station

Magaji Isah Hunkuyi, Jalingo

In the wake of a prolonged power outage lasting over 12 days in Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State, residents are demanding immediate action to connect the town to the Kashinbilla Hydro-Power Station, located in the southern part of the state.

The station boasts capacity of generating 40 megawatts, a potential solution to the current power crisis gripping the city.

Voicing their frustrations, Abubakar Sani, a prominent rice miller and businessman in Jalingo, decried the disparity in power distribution across the state.

He said it was unfair that the southern senatorial zone was enjoying uninterrupted power while the rest, including Jalingo, suffered from chronic outages.

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Sani emphasized that as the state capital, Jalingo, hosts a significant population, numerous institutions, hospitals, and government ministries, all of which depend on reliable electricity to function efficiently.

Bulus James, another resident, lamented the diversion of power generated by the Kashinbilla Hydro-Power Station to neighboring states, leaving Jalingo and other parts of Taraba in darkness. He said the recent disruption in power supply from the Gombe power line due to vandalization has exacerbated the situation.

James urged both the federal and Taraba State governments to prioritise connecting the central and northern zones of the state to the Kashinbilla Hydro-Power Station. 


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