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Land tussle: Jibu chiefdom relocates Tiv community in Taraba

The Jibu Chiefdom in Bali Local Government Area (LGA) of Taraba has recently taken steps to resolve a longstanding land dispute by relocating the Tiv community of Dugwer within the chiefdom. This move aims to bring an end to tensions between the Tiv and Hausa communities residing in the area.

Alhaji Abubakar Mahmoud, the Traditional Ruler of Jibu, oversaw the handing over of new land in the Utsuwa-Daar area of Bali, expressing satisfaction that the Tiv, primarily farmers, can now carry out their farming activities without obstruction.

The dispute, previously brought to court and withdrawn for an out-of-court settlement, led to the provision of the new parcel of land as part of the resolution process.

Mahmoud emphasized the chiefdom's intervention to settle the crisis amicably for peace in the region, urging the Tiv community to disregard individuals instigating conflict for personal gain.

He also urged Tiv leaders at the state level to oversee local leadership to ensure peaceful coexistence with neighbors.

Commending Governor Agbu Kefas for facilitating the conflict resolution process, Mahmoud expressed gratitude for the provision of a new vehicle, enhancing mobility for his office.

During the relocation, Mr. Aper Agera, Village Head of Dugwer, accepted the offer on behalf of his community. However, he raised concerns about the size of the allocated land, stating it was insufficient to accommodate the entire community, with the new land being smaller than the land originally inhabited by the Tiv.

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