Rhapsodi Affos Blog Reporter


The leadership of the Worldwide United Methodist Church has reacted to viral reports that the church has adopted same s3x marriage.


Reacting at its just concluded General Conference, which took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, the church debunked the news.


Shortly after the General Conference which took place on April 23 to May 3, 2024, there were reports that the Church has agreed to align itself with same s3x marriage.


The report has been trending in the Taraba State, which has a large population of Methodist adherents.


However, debunking the reports on Tuesday at a World Press Conference in Jalingo, the leadership of the Church in Taraba State, led by Rev. Ande I. Emmanuel, said the Church did not adopt same s3x marriage but only adopted the worldwide regionalization plan.


Flanked by other leaders of the Church, Emmanuel called on members to disregard any individual or group calling on them to break away from the church, as the allegations are false and misleading.


He affirmed that the majority of the members of the Methodist Church in Nigeria will continue to remain in the Church.


“Through out its history, the Church has held traditional views on human s3xuality, defining marriage as between one man and woman and prohibiting the ordination of openly LGBTQ+.

“We are glad that our Church, among other legislations, adopted the worldwide regionalization plans, a viable solution to the long standing conflict in the Church over involvement of lesbian, gay, bis3xual, transgender, queer plus (LGBTQ+) persons in the life and ministry of the church, mostly in America and Europe, which has been truncating the vital ministry of our church,” the cleric said.


Stressing that the Church will never allow same s3x marriage, Emmanuel urged the members not to allow themselves to be cajoled by those who are bent on splintering the Church into various factions.