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2 Kidnappers Repent, Request To Join Hunters In Taraba To Fight Crime

Musa Rhapsodi Affos

Two individuals, Gayya Alhaji Abdu (20) and Siyyo Alhaji Amadu (21), have chosen to abandon their involvement in kidnapping and have approached the leaders of hunters in Taraba State, expressing their desire to cease their criminal activities.

Gayya disclosed to City & Crime that he had taken part in two kidnapping incidents, receiving N200,000 from each operation where the victims paid N5 million ransom each. He revealed that he joined a kidnapping gang after discovering he was on the wanted list of suspected kidnappers, despite having no prior involvement in criminal activities. Fearing for his life, he fled his father's house and sought refuge with a friend already affiliated with a kidnapping gang operating in the Jalingo, Kona, and Lankabiri mountains.

Gayya explained that his decision to repent stemmed from witnessing the suffering inflicted on victims and the grave risks involved, with many kidnappers meeting their demise at the hands of security forces or hunters. Expressing his desire to contribute positively, Gayya expressed his willingness to join the hunters and assist in combating banditry and kidnapping in the state.

Similarly, Amadu admitted to voluntarily joining a kidnapping gang operating in the Mayo-Renewo area of Ardo-Kola LGA. Despite his involvement in several kidnappings, he made the conscious choice to abandon the criminal lifestyle and seek redemption, recognizing the cruelty of kidnapping and its impact on victims.

Babangida Kwamando, the leader of the hunters, welcomed the repentant individuals, emphasizing the association's policy of accepting former bandits or kidnappers who surrendered. He highlighted the importance of repentance and renunciation of crime, often sealed by an oath sworn on the Holy Qur'an, before integration into the hunters' association.

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