Taraba State College of Agriculture, Science, and Technology employees have issued an urgent plea to Governor Agbu Kefas, requesting the payment of their overdue monthly salaries.

These staff members, hired in 2022, revealed they have not received any compensation since starting their employment nearly two years ago.

Speaking anonymously, the distressed employees conveyed their frustration and despair over the non-payment of their wages since joining the institution. They expressed their concerns to our reporter on Tuesday in Jalingo, the state capital.

While clarifying that their appeal is not a protest, they emphasized the negative impact this situation has had on their families and sought the governor's intervention.

The employees do not hold the governor responsible for their plight and remain hopeful that he will address their concerns once informed.

"We want to let our father, Governor Agbu Kefas, know that since 2022, when we were employed as staff of the Taraba State College of Agriculture, Science, and Technology, Jalingo, we have not received any salary. We appeal to Kefas, as a father and a man of God who has shown love for civil servants and introduced ideas to improve the civil service of Taraba, to please commence our payment to ease our suffering," one staff member pleaded.

Supporting this sentiment, another affected employee blamed the previous administration for their situation and urged the current governor to act swiftly.

"We believe the governor, who has a strong passion for education and is committed to developing the education sector of Taraba, including our college, is unaware of our predicament. He is a proactive governor working tirelessly for Taraba's greatness, and we think he has not been fully informed about our case and suffering," another staff member added.

"Many of us have family members who depend solely on us. Working for nearly two years without a salary, combined with the current hardship in Nigeria, is becoming overwhelming. We want the working governor to come to our rescue," another employee stated.

When contacted, the state’s Head of Civil Service, Tino Paul Maigida, confirmed that the state government is aware of the situation and that efforts are underway to address it.

"The Governor has asked me to see him with their memo as soon as he returns from his journey," Maigida said.