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Taraba Gov. approves N1bn for gratuity, directs immediate payment

The Governor of Taraba State, Agbu Kefas, has sanctioned the allocation of one billion naira to settle the outstanding gratuity payments, marking the first such disbursement since 2011.

Governor Kefas, upon authorizing the release of funds, instructed the Ministry of Finance to promptly disburse the long-overdue entitlements. Expressing remorse over the prolonged delay, he affirmed his administration's commitment to honoring the dedication of workers who have faithfully served the nation.

In addition to the initial one billion naira allocation, the governor endorsed a monthly provision of 200 million naira to gradually clear the backlog and ensure continuous payments. During his campaign, Governor Kefas pledged to address the issue of outstanding pensions and gratuities despite the substantial arrears. He emphasized the injustice of withholding entitlements from employees who have dedicated their years to service. 

Furthermore, Governor Kefas affirmed his government's dedication to timely salary, pension, and gratuity disbursements. The Permanent Secretary of Pensions, Mrs. Rose Garba Ajiya, assured pensioners of the governor's commitment to their welfare, stating that the initiative would alleviate the years of distress and disappointment experienced by elderly pensioners.

She affirmed her team's readiness to initiate payments, with all necessary records meticulously maintained for accuracy.

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