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Commissioner nudges investors on tourism in Taraba

The Taraba State Government has extended invitations to potential investors, urging them to explore the opportunities within the state’s burgeoning tourism sector.

During the 16th International Arts and Craft Expo (INAC) in Abuja, Joseph Nagombe, the Commissioner for Heritage and Eco-Tourism, delivered this appeal under the theme “Marketing Nigerian Crafts to the World.” 

According to the National News Agency, Nagombe emphasized the vast tourism potential that Taraba State possesses, labelling it as “Nature’s Gift to the World.”

He went on to elaborate on the state’s rich natural assets, committing the government to create a conducive environment for investment to flourish within the region. 

Taraba State boasts a myriad of historical and tourist sites, with some of the standout attractions being the Mambilla Plateau, celebrated as the highest mountain not just in Nigeria but across West Africa.

The Gashaka Gumti National Park, the grandeur of the Barup Waterfall, and the captivating Marmara Crocodile Pond were all highlighted as compelling reasons for tourists to visit. 

“Taraba state is with over 2,300,736 persons, according to the 2006 census, 16 local government areas and 30 tribes,” he said. 
One particularly unique event that beckons tourists is the Nwonyo Fishing Festival, hosted by the Ibi community. It is an annual spectacle where the local community congregates en masse to engage in fishing activities on West Africa’s largest lake, which stretches an astonishing 15 kilometres towards the Benue River. 

In terms of geographical wonders, Nagombe highlighted the Mambilla Plateau, a captivating expanse with an average elevation reaching approximately 1,600 meters above sea level, earning it the accolade of Nigeria’s highest plateau.  

Covering an expansive area exceeding 9,389 square kilometres, this plateau promises an enchanting experience for tourists. Additionally, the Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria’s largest national park, sprawls over about 6,402 square kilometres and boasts a rich tapestry of wildlife and floral aesthetics. 

Nagombe called upon both local and international investors, whether as individuals or groups, to explore the various facets of Taraba State’s burgeoning economy.

He assured them that the people of Taraba are renowned for their hospitality, warmth, and accommodating spirit.

Coupled with the state’s abundant natural treasures, this welcoming atmosphere offers an allure for those contemplating investments in Taraba State’s thriving tourism sector. 

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