Musa Rhapsodi Affos 

Mixed reactions are trailing the rag day celebration of Taraba State University (TSU), Jalingo.

Rhapsodi  Affos Blog - RAB gathered that the reactions were sparked up after several pictures of the rag day celebration of the varsity surfaced online. 

Some people who spoke to our reporter said it is normal to celebrate rag day but they felt the students went too extreme to display nudity, sensitive body part, and other uncultured behaviors. While some on the other hand believed that the celebration is basically for fun to help relieve the stress of the students after tedious sessions of academic activities.

"It's very important because Students disengage from unscrupulous activities such as; cultism, fraud, fighting, and all dubious characters. 

Yes! It's good to study, but yet you need physical therapy activities to function in the field of study perfectly." One of the students added. 

Rhapsodi Affos Blog reports that the rag day is part of the activities of the institution's student week. The student week started on Monday and is filled with so many activities, ranging from; Sanitation, Candle Night, Old School Day, Comrades Day, Rag Day, Mask Party, Health Day, Got Talent, and Burn Fire Night, etc. 

The lines of activities refresh the brain of a student, and it establishes a great relationship among Students from different locations. Students get to know each other better and work out their recognition for life.

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Look at the pictures and enjoy!!!