The Taraba State NPC office of the National Population Commission NPC said it remains committed and well-prepared ahead of the 2023 census despite the indefinite postponement of the exercise by President Buhari-led administration.

Before the postponement, the Taraba 
State Hon Federal Commissioner, Alh Sani Sule Saleh already established all the pre-elements 2023 census mechanisms for the smooth running of the seamless Digital Census in the history of Nigeria.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Hon Commissioner appealed to the three constituted Committees to be prompt and effective in carrying out the primary responsibilities assigned to them.
He said “the 2023 census readiness doesn’t only restrict to Taraba State alone but rather across the 36 States of the Federation

“While Nigerians and other International Organizations are enthusiastic and anxious to witness the first-ever Nigeria digital census that would thwart the presumption of Population and Housing estimation Data of Nigeria.

“As such, the incoming administration of H.E Asiwaju will find it worthy of consolidating the already 70% preparations by the NPC by approving the Commission to commence the 2023 census exercises.

Source:Bloster Nuhu