Group launches campus shuttle for Federal University Wukari, purchases buses, tricycles for students & staffs

The staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society, (SMCSL) Federal University of Wukari on Thursday launched the campus Shuttle system to ease movement on the campus and neighborhood for students and the university community.

The President of the SMCSL Dr. Akpa Paul Hassan who unveiled the busses and tricycles at the annual general meeting of the cooperative in Wukari, Taraba state noted that it has become very difficult for students and other staff of the school as well as visitors too who are not mobile to traverse the school campus that has become very vast.

Hassan said that as a body dedicated to the common good of all the people especially members of the university community, the cooperative took the bold initiative to procure the tricycles for the campus Shuttle system while the buses will serve the immediate community as well as help when there is need for distant travels.

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“Today is yet a milestone in the history of our cooperative. From a mere granting of loan facilities and buying foodstuff for members during festive periods, we are now an organized corporate business outfit in the true sense of it, positively impacting the lives of our people and host community.

“For ease of movement and additional generation of revenue, we are launching this mass transit and campus Shuttle for staff, students, and the entire university community. With the increase in infrastructure and massive expansion, people have had to face great difficulty traversing the campus. This is a step to address that issue. With the mass transit in place, we can afford to extend credit facilities to members as their needs arise.

“We have also acquired several plots of land for student hostels, a sachet water factory, staff housing, and other remarkable things. All these are geared towards ameliorating the plight of our people and making life just a little bit easier for the people. That is the essence of this cooperative and we will continue to strive with him and vigor to make sure that things get better for everyone” Hassan said.

Speaking at the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor of the University Professor Jude Rebo said that the school management was fully aware and in support of the activities of the cooperative and urged members to be fully committed and to the goals of the society.

He further urged the people to “work hard for peace in the university campus, the immediate community, and the state at large. We can not make any meaningful development without peace. We can not be lecturers or have any work to do if there is no peace. And so we must work hard and sincerely to promote peace at all levels and among all sections of the society”.

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